December 28, 2005

International Civil Rights Abuse!


While doing my Liege duty as a Loyal Citizen of the Empire in reading my Emperor's every missive to the Empire, I came across this excellant example of just WHY Darth Misha 1 IS the Emperor.

I hope someday when I grow up to be worthy of a seat at his table of Knights alongside Sir George and the other worthies ensconsed there.

Paleo-Swinians whining about those mean Israeli Pilots.......let me check the meter:

Image hosted by

Nope! Nary a twitch....maybe I'm just too incensed at the moral equivilizing of loud noises to rocket/mortor attacks/suicide bombings to care whether or not poor Achmed or Shariza might have to put up with a little "boom" now and again?

Especially since, living on an Air Base, such "booms" were an everyday fact of life for Mamamontezz growing up? Heck! she MISSES them!
She yearns for the days of sonic booms over the playground during recess...
She waxes nostalgic over multiple sonic booms that would rattle the plates on the wall and the glass in the windows. Ahhh! THOSE were the days!
And other than her proclivities for unusual sexual practices, they don't seem to have affected her in the least.

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