December 30, 2005

Ferris Hassan's Great Adventure

We all know teenagers have more enthusiasm than common sense. They are the bulletproof immortals that, hopefully, survive their missteps long enough to actually become real people that can be reasoned with.

There was a teenager that was really interested in journalism. His class was studying "immersion journalism" wherein the reporter "lives" the subject of his story.

So what does he do? Unlike his movie namesake, Ferris Bueler, who only took the day off, Ferris Hassan took off the entire week before Christmas break...

He took money he had saved from past birthdays and Christmases, ditched the last week of classes before the holiday break, and flew to the Middle East to experience Iraq for himself.

Thanks to plain dumb luck, a fortuitouse confluance of events that prevented his passing through the Kuwati/Iraqi border, and the 101 Airborne, Ferris is on his way home to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ...hopefully a little less unsure of his own immortality and with a new propensity to consider ALL factors when he plans his vacations...

H/T to Jack for the link

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