January 02, 2006

I am Queen..."Feds; care for my Peons"!

Let's see...Louisianna is ravaged by two hurricanes, and the Gov. blames the Federal govt. for not "responding quickly enough, WITH enough", even though SHE didn't fulfill her responsiblities to the safety of her people in any manner whatsoever...

What to do? Slash government expenses and have a possible layoff of 20% of state employees...oh, and remodel offices in the statehouse to the tune of $564,838...

Officials claimed that they feared that they would be successfully sued if they canceled the remodeling contract, bidded 30 days before Katrina hit....Riiiiiiiiight.

Gov. Blanco, I hope you enjoy your new Swedish granite countertops, frosted glass and plasma tv screens in your new offices as much as you can, I certainly hope that the people of Louisianna have enough common sense to ensure that you won't be able to do so after the next election.

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