January 09, 2006

WHO says Republicans don't have a sense of Humor?

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Vice President Dick Cheney gets a round of applause after addressing troops at a rally at Fort Leavenworth Friday, Jan. 6, 2006, in Leavenworth, Kan.

"I'm using a cane today, and it's driving the press nuts. (Laughter.) They keep asking my staff what happened to the Vice President, is it serious? And so I said, no, Secretary Rumsfeld bit me in the ankle. (Laughter.) Not to worry. (Laughter.) But don't tell him I said that. (Laughter.) "

H/T to Wild Thing

Posted by Delftsman3 at January 9, 2006 11:33 PM | TrackBack

haha. I love Cheney.

Posted by: alli at January 10, 2006 03:11 AM
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