January 11, 2006

Islam: "Peaceful" or Not?

There is an interesting artical about Hal Lindsey at World Net Daily that posits that the more a Muslim reads the Quran, the more likely he will become a "radical".

You may dismaiss Hal Lindsey as a "radical/Fundementalist" Christian, but I do believe that his theory should be looked into more closely. And if the correlation can be demonstrated, it should put to rest all the assertions by apologists that "Islam is a peaceful religion".

The fact that 95% of all conflicts in the world today involve Islam as one of the primary antagonists seems to me to lend credence to Mr. Lindsey's theory.

And yes, I'm aware that ANY religion can be used as a basis for launching aggression against non-adherants to that religion, but seemingly, in the last two centurys or so, Islam is the only one to do so.

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