January 26, 2006

Light (or NO) Posting until Monday

It's 5:20 in the morning on Thursday, and in a little over nine hours, I'll be taking off from Indpls. International, on my way to three glorious days in the Florida sunshine in the company of a bunch of fellow reprobate LC's of the Rott Empire. I doubt very much that I'll have much access to a computor until I get back on Sunday night; my lap top is on the fritz again, so I'm not even going to try to lug it with me.

I still have to go to the license branch before my flight tomorrow to take care of a little business that I'll need to have ready for when I go to court Monday afternoon, so I'll only get a couple hours sleep;but I figure I can get a good nap on the plane down to Tampa.

Please visit the fine blogs on my blogroll, and let them know who sent ya there!

Have a marvelous weekend and I'll see you all on Monday, if I can't get a post in before then, and if they don't decide to hold me during the hearing...

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