January 28, 2006

SW RottFest-Tampa, Day 2

Saturday of the blog fest...WHAT a party! Got to meet GuyK and his Sweetthing this afternoon, and it was a pure delight. I think he may be sorry for making that offer to come down to his place for a sea fishing trip...Now I've spent such quality time time here, I'm really jonesing for Florida, I'll take any excuse to come back.

The party started getting going around 7 PM, and it was the usual Rott Fest thing; copius mounts of alcohol, HOT women, political BS'ing, and this time, Neil V's band was providing the entertainment with hot licks and cool beats.

I was still sparring with the gorgeous Stella, and hoping I survived her aptitude in administering PAIN...She gave up early with the excuse of an 8 AM flight back to N.O....gonna miss that gal!

I'll have some more pics to post as soon as I get home Sunday night, with hopefully more to follow, if Stella remembers to send the to me.

BC was a real trip this evening, he was in an annual parade this afternoon, where it seems that the participants indulge ina NO style event of distributing beads and downing Jello shots throughout the parade route...He was already well ahead of us in the Adult Beverage Consumption department when he arrived at Castle Van Eerde, but we soon caught up to him ;).

Staci was leading the Florida Gang in live blogging the festivities to the rest of the Empire...with frequent breaks to display her own SPECTACULAR dancing talents, moving to the rythems of Neil's band....Glad I was too wasted to even attempt to try to match her, I would have made a complete fool of myself had I even tried. It was a pure sensious delight just to observe her moves on the sandy patch of ground fronting the band....let's just sayI'm gonna dream well again tonight and I sincerely hope she isn't telepathic!

Gona go back to some serious drinking and politcal bitching now...seems BC has pulled ahead of me again, and I have the Hoosier honor to uphold!

I may have a chance to post again before my flight leaves, but if not, I'll try to put SOMETHING up when I get back home to the Citidal.

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