February 07, 2006


I have the distinct feeling that soon we will be engaged in a military action in Iran. With the repeated public statements of the elected President of that benighted country, calling for the eradication of Israel, or at the least, the relocation of Israel to Europe, and their throwing out the UN atomic watchdogs in their continued quest to enriching uranium, I don't see that diplomacy really has much of a chance to work, and we simply CAN'T allow a nuclear Iran to become a reality.

I can hear one of the first questions from my liberal readers: "what gives us the right to determine whether or not Iran goes nuclear?"

To which I can only respond that being the biggest dog in the pack gives us the right, no, the RESPONSIBLITY to prevent that occurance. We are the only ones that CAN.

We owe it to our citizens, unless you think we have to wait until one of our cities goes up in a mushroom cloud before we can respond? And make no mistake, a nuclear Iran WILL result in that happening, sooner or later.

We had the chance to prevent North Korea from being a nuclear power, and we chose to go the endless diplomatic route until it was a fait accompli, much to our disadvantage today. We cannot afford to make that same mistake again.
As crazy as the Dictator of NoKo is; next to the leadership of Iran, he's a model of mental stability, and at least in NoKo, we have the Chinese exercising some control over the situation. In Iran, there is nothing but the dreams of a religeous zealot anxious to bring on an Apocalypse that he believes will bring on the New Caliphate.

It will not be an easy fight; it will be bloody and long, but it is a fight that will have to fought.

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