February 07, 2006

Body Armor Snafu

When I read this story I was outraged at the callous manner of some of our rear echelon types treat the "grunts on the ground".

Seems that 1st Lt. William “Eddie” Rebrook IV had been badly injured by an IED, and in the course of his battlefield treatment, his Kevlar armor had been removed and burned as a biohazard. But since that fact wasn't noted in the action report of the treatment, he was required to pay $700. for it's replacement as he was being processed for a medical discharge.

It was ever thus, the rear echelon always follows the letter of the law, irregardless of the law's intent, or the extenuating circimstances attendant on some losses. This is an example of poor leadership in Lt. Rebrook's Bn. structure; his CO could have filed for an exception, and SHOULD have.
But it wouldn't have looked "right" on the record, and so, once again, the common grunt is left holding the bag.

It makes me wonder sometimes just how we get the best men and women that we DO to serve, when the middle layers of the command structure are more concerned with paperwork and appearences rather than what is best for the troops, especially troops that have sacrificed so much, physicaly and mentally.

The Army, and the Nation, owe Lt. Rebrook an apology. I tender mine here.
LT. REbrook, Thank you for your service, and I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. You did your duty, and I am ashamed that you were subjected to this travesty of injustice.

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