February 11, 2006

Health (Mis)Care

THIS is a story that will anger you. A man pays for insurance, and when stricken with Kidney cancer, his insurance carrier refuses to pay for treatment, saying it was either "uneeded" or "experimental"....and when the cancer progresses to the point where the only option is to keep the man as comfortable as possible as he dies, it even refuses to pay for Morphine, citing the dangers of addiction at the doses he required to be pain free...

I don't hold the hospital and doctors unaccountable either, they SHOULD have provided the needed treatment AS they were battleing the insurance company for payment.

I was reading the message boards accompaning this story, and I noticed a number of people citing this case as proof that we need to go to a National Health Care system, such as employed in Canada.

All I can say to that is that if you want to see such horror stories become the norm, rather than the exception, go to a government provided system.

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