May 03, 2006

Where is the Outrage?

"It takes four aspects for a free and democratic society to maintain itself."

"It requires a highly educated population that can write, read, think and vote intelligently."

"It takes a similar moral code whereby everyone adheres to the common good."

"It requires a similar code of ethics whereby citizens adhere to honesty, doing what is right and maintaining those ethics throughout the social fabric."

"Finally, it takes a similar language that allows citizens to discuss, debate and resolve problems."

"We compromise all four with an invasion exceeding four million new people into the USA annually. 20 million illegals to date and climbing. We allow the disintegration of our nation without a whimper."

Go read the entire letter at GuyK's.

One problem, the NEA has promulgated and accelerated the erosion of the "four aspects" for longer than the problem of the ILLEGAL immagrants exacerbated it. We need to revamp the entire educational structure, regardless of what we do about the invasion by illegals.
And we need to do it soon, or this nation will not last another generation.

I would contend that the poor educational system is one factor in why we are even arguing over what to do about the Invaders; had there been an effective education of this last generation, there wouldn't be any question about our course of action.

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