June 15, 2006


Well, the other day, we had the Iranian Foreign Minister make a fruedian slip? of the tongue when he said that "our nuclear weapons are only for peaceful uses".

He then corrected himself to say "nuclear power generating stations".

NOW we have Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar saying that his country would "use nuclear defense as a potential" if "threatened by any power."

Of course, the Iranian President still claims that Iran is "only seeking to use nuclear energy for peaceful civilian use"....and it seems that our Left is perfectly willing to give Iran the benefit of the doubt. THEY say that we should assist Iran as we did with North Korea during the Clinton administration, so as to prevent giving the Iranians the excuse to build nuclear weapons.....Say, isn't amazing just how fast NoKo managed to build and test nuclear weapons with that help?!?
Seems that Michael Savage, for all his blustery bombastic style, is correct when he states that Liberalism is a mental disease. After all, isn't one definition of insanity doing something over and over again and expecting a different result each time?

Lets see, the Iranian President says that Iran only wants nuclear power for electrical generation..yet they are feverishly engaged in refining their nuclear fuel to weapons grade... they are engaged in R & D to possess missiles of ever increasing range and payload capacity....and now, rwo times within one week, two officials high in the government heirarchy have let slip the true intentions of the Irani government.

The Left is content with giving Iran "stern warnings", or even assistance to forestall any possible conflict. Seems that they haven't learned the lessons of history, that appeasment of enemies only serve to make those enemies bolder and stronger when the time for direct conflict inevitably comes.

Democrats point to the EU's attempts at diplomacy and wonder why "we can't just do the same?" Well the only response I have to that is, just WHAT has those attempt accomplished? It's true that diplomacy should always be the first course of action, but diplomacy from a position of weakness is useless, especially with a culture that sees weakness as something to be exploited to gain as much ground as possible before entering the next stage, active war.

Coming from a strong, principled, position, with acknowledged power of greater force to back that position up is the only way to try to conduct effective diplomacy. To think otherwise is not to have your feet firmly gounded in reality.

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