June 20, 2006

rambling thoughts

Sorry about the lack of substantive posts lately, but it seems that I'm suffering from a down cycle with my CHF. Kinda hard to get really interested in current events when you can't sleep because every time you lay down, you feel like your drowning.
And YES, HD, I AM doing everything I can to get through this and back to a higher level of health, it just takes time.

So meanwhile, just a few links....

Madeline Notsobright seems to think the current escalations of tensions in Iran and Nort Korea are a direct result of our activities in Iraq. Proving yet again that she really is a bit of a dim bulb.

Frank Gaffney is calling for an "Iraq war truth squad" so that the issues can be fully explored prior to the elections in November....Gee, that what I thought most of the Blogosphere has been doing for the last three years. But I think he's correct. A lot of people don't have computors, and even most of those that do don't read blogs; so a good public forum may be helpful in informing people, trouble is, just what format to use?

“We’re no better than bacteria!” University of Texas biologist Eric Pianka recently announced. Eco-nihalism at it's moonbat finest.

And finally, just WHAT are you ON Connie?!? Singing just ISN'T your forte...

Time for Meds, see ya'll later.

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