June 22, 2006


Has Rep. Murtha overplayed his hand? Robert Novak seems to think so.

I personally hope that Murtha continues speaking out loudly and often. While it won't be long before the Democrats start to try to distance themselves from his senile rantings, the ugly truth is that he does represent the views of a large segment of the Left's base, and the more those views are exposed, the better. For the GOP.

On a similar note, Victor David Hanson outlines his reasoning why the Fall elections won't be as good for the Democrats as they are trying to project they will be. I HOPE that Mr. Hanson's reasoning hold true, but he is forgetting one wild card, and that is that he comes from a logical reasoning frame of view, and unfortunately, many of the electorate these days have eschewed that type of reasoning to one based on "feelings" and whatever the current meme of the left is in favor at the moment. Mr. Hanson view is dependent on an informed, reasoning, electorate; and it seems in recent times that there is a serious lack in those areas in a large segment of the electorate....

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