June 27, 2006

Light/no Posting

I talked to Catfish, and he's graciously consented to put up with a "Damned Yankee" for a few days, so I've decided to go to Acidmans memorial service.

It's out of character for me to spend this much money in this way, but Rob helped me over some pretty rough spots, and I would never forgive myself if I didn't go, I owe it to his memory.

Hell, who am I fooling?, I NEED to do this for myself. It's the only way to get closure and start to go on to the healing process.

I don't have a lap top to take with me, so until I return on Sat., I'll have to hope that my archives will be enough to keep this place going.

Hopefully, I'll have some good stories to relate, and a fresh outlook on life, as well.

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