August 02, 2006


Bush's reaction to the news that Israel had resumed it's airstrikes against Hexbullah:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kerry's reaction to the news that Hillery had announced her candidacy in '08:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

MS, in an effort to cut costs, hires new hardware techs:
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Ahnuld S. flexes his muscles when challenged by the state Senate:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

ANNA is coming home next week! Even the cat is happy:
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We have all noticed them. The huge guys at the gym, lifting huge stacks associated with plates and grunting and sweating like their head is all about to explode. Their arms are busting out of their shirts and their legs seem like they belong to a horse-a muscular horse. Who would like to look like that? This is among the main reasons that some people, although they want to lost weight and appear great, refuse to strength train. They are scared that picking up the heavy iron will certainly turn them into hulking behemoths which can't put their arms down by their side. Nothing could be further from your truth.

Lifting weights will never turn you into a bodybuilder overnight. Getting the kind of muscle you see on those big boys within the gym takes years (10-15) associated with work, incredibly long exercises, and sometimes, a little -help- from a not so natural source-if you get my drift. For the majority of us, adding weight training into our exercise regimen will do exactly what we want it to. Weight training will help you to lose weight, get in shape, and appear better at the beach. You see, for each and every ounce of muscle you build, your body will speed up its own internal fat burning process. The more muscles Pull Up Bars you build, the more fat you were burn. Now, muscle DOES weigh a lot more than fat, but don't allow that scare you. I am talking about, what do you really worry about, how much you bodyweight, or what you seem like with your shirt off? That is the actual test if improving your physique is high on your priority list. The majority of us just want to watch the scales and find out the pounds come pouring off, but when you are regularly training with weight load, this oftentimes does certainly not happen. As you are losing fat, you are building muscle mass, so your weight may stay exactly the same, but your body might look drastically different. Your clothes will fit much better, the people at the office will begin to look at your differently so when beach time comes, you will be the first to grab off your shirt!

Therefore, how do you start a good weight training course? The last thing you should do is hit the gym and start blasting out arm curls with simply no idea of what you do. Weight training is serious business and can be very dangerous. One wrong move and you could wind up lying during sex for 6 months watching your body slip into worse shape than before you decide to started. A solid general guideline when beginning to work together with weights is to partner up with someone who knows the actual are doing. This is actually a friend who has plenty of experience or better however, a personal trainer. A qualified personal trainer can walk you through a step-by-step process of building an effective weight training program that may help you to reach your objectives while avoiding injury as you go along.

So the next time you think about lifting weights, you may not conjure a vision of a well oiled massive number posing in tiny trunks; you may see yourself, ripped, in shape, and looking fantastic because of your weight training program.

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Ready to accept the challenge

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