December 29, 2010

Been Too Long

No, I'm not dead,just been too busy with life to post.

Sometimes, it just seems like butting your head against a stone wall trying to have a conversation with some people.

Just some random thoughts:

The repeal of DADT -- I think is a big mistake.

NO, I don't think that the soldiers of the Gay bent will suddenly start ogling everyone else in the shower (face it guys; most of us AREN'T all that and a bag of chips!).

And I don't think that there will suddenly be a rash of cuddling and cooing coming from the barracks. In my time of service, we all knew who they were, and for the most part, just didn't give a damn about it, and I don't think that will change all that much. The only important thing was did that individual do his job to the best of his/her ability.

My problem with the new policy is that it creates yet another "special" class to deal with in terms of promotion and treatment. It's already hard for a white male to buck the quota system in promotion, but now his sexuality will play a part in it too. How many of the core group of lower ranks will we retain when it dawns on them that they will have a yet another obstacle to overcome in gaining rank? (sorry private, I know you should be on the top of the list by your performance, but we have to promote someone Gay to keep on target for the new quota.)

Want to be on the fast track?

Be a Black Lesbian and you're a shoo in for the next open slot!

Yes, I KNOW that's somewhat of an exaggeration, but sexual orientation WILL become a factor in the future.

This is social experimentation in an organization that functions best on tried and true tradition and is slow to accept change. I believe that the our Armed Services will be able to incorporate the change ordered by their Civilian Masters, but something this radical and done so quickly WILL affect their performance for a good long while; do we really want to add this added strain to a system already stretched so far?

SALT treaty...Seems Obama will give away the store for a false sense of peace. Unless we can reserve the right to develop a missile DEFENSE system, this treaty is a bad deal for the U.S. and shouldn't be ratified.

The Colts... are finally playing up to their level of potential, I just hope it isn't too little too late to make the playoffs.

It's not even the end of December, and I'm already sick of snow; I'm just waiting for the snow/ice to melt so I can get back out on the bike and feel the wind through my face mask...

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