July 29, 2011

Just because I like this song

Yes, it's jingoistic, yes, it's glorifying war somewhat (the one thing that true Warriors despise),but nevertheless, I really find it to be a great expression of the Warrior ethos. For all you Sheepdogs out there:

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I Can't Afford Your Charity

Another one from Power Line Blog:

Written by Jason Nyberg and performed by his nine-year-old daughter.

I put the Lyrics under the fold.


Daddy came home
a little early today
Somethin’ bout layin off
and cuttin’ pay

Boss is makin’ changes
’cause times are tough
the dollar’s goin down,
and taxes goin’ up

Daddy says that Washington
is out of touch.
Government’s spendin’
way too much

So I thought about
what I could do
And that’s why
I’m writin’ to you….


Don’t you see
Dear Uncle Sam
The more you give me
The less I have

I can’t afford
your charity
I got my freedom
Now Let me be

That’s America…
and that’s who I am
Dear Uncle Sam

Stop tryin’ to give me
what you think that I need,
I’d rather have my family
watchin’ over me

Don’t need to buy us
any medicine
I just need my daddy
workin’ again

It’s kinda complicated
for a kid that’s eight.
But here’s an answer
you’ll appreciate:

Stop spendin’ your time
overspendin’ our dime
I think everything
will work out fine!


gas tax
estate tax
every breath I take tax

that tax
this tax
even got a gift tax

taxes when we use the phone
taxes when we sell our home

payroll tax
income tax
you’re missing all the simple facts


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The National Debt

Show this video to anyone that doesn't think that our $14.5 Trillion debt "isn't really a big deal"

Thanks to Power Line for engendering videos like these, so that even Progressives can understand just how much trouble our Country is presently in (due, in large part, to their policies, IMHO).

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Food for Thought

I was reading a post over at Sister Toldjah when I saw what one of her commenters, Greg, posted as a response:

Why is it that liberals always think in terms of ‘shared sacrifice’ and conservatives think in terms of ‘shared prosperity’?

And it led me to pore over old speeches made in the past by both Liberals and Conservatives, and it struck me that, in almost every case, Greg was correct; the Liberal politician was calling for a sacrifice from every Individual for the common good, while the Conservative was calling more for actions that would provide more prosperity of those Individuals willing to work for it.

I think that sums up the difference between the two political philosophies pretty closely.

One is based on the idea that the People as a whole can only succeed in a collectivist manner and spreading the occurring gains and pains on everybody in the hope that any pain is smaller for the individual even though the individual gains will needfully be smaller too.

The other is based on the idea that, as long as the government provides a level playing field; it is up to the Individual to earn their own gain or pain by their own merit or failure.

Just my $.02 worth..

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News as I'd like to see reported

Here's a "news report" the way I'd really like to see on tv:

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Basic economics for Liberals

Andrew Klaven explains money in a way that even Liberals might ,just might, be able to grasp it...

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Barack and Michelle are at the White Sox game.
Sitting in the first row with the Secret Service people directly behind
them, one of
The Secret Service guys leans forward and says something to the

Barack stares at the guy, looks at Michelle, looks back at the agent,
and shakes his head violently.

The agent then says, "Mr. President, it was a unanimous request, from
the owner of the team down to the bat boy. And...the fans would love

So, Barack shrugs his shoulders and says, "If that's what the people

He gets up, grabs Michelle by her collar and the seat of her pants, and
drops her right over the wall into the field. She gets up kicking,
swearing, and screaming -- and the crowd goes wild, cheering,
applauding, and high-fiving.

Barack is bowing and smiling, and leans over to the agent and says, "You

were right, I would have never believed that!"

Then noticing the agent has gone totally pale, Barack asks what is

The agent replies, "Sir, I said, they want you to throw out the first

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July 28, 2011

Medical care

Want to know what's ahead of us with Obamacare? This is our future folks...

Obama claimed that none of us would lose our health care plan if it was one we liked....seems that Mr. Obama forgot the rule of unintended consequences.

Many companies are finding it cheaper to pay the "health care TAX" than to continue providing the health care insurance they had been to their employees, thus shunting them to a "government" plan that provides less coverage for more money. And the more people that become tied to a public health care plan, THE MORE PUBLIC HEALTH CARE COSTS GO UP; which will INEVITABLY lead to some type of rationing in the noble goal of saving tax-payer money.

Socialized medicine DOES NOT WORK. PERIOD. It can never provide the same level of care that a free market system does, AND, what is more, it stifles innovation in medical care.

Here in the U.S. we develop more new drugs and procedures than any other five countries combined. WHY? Because we have the incentive of profit to drive that research forward. Research is expensive and time consuming; without the incentive of profit, it just doesn't get done.

Just my $.02 worth...

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July 27, 2011

At Last


I know I haven't written in a dogs decade, but, as you all know, things happen.

First, I got sick again and could barely make it out of bed. I'm doing better now, but just have to hope that that state will continue for the foreseeable future.

Then Beth had some big changes happen to her at work that necessitated that time be spent on merely surviving. You all can relate to that situation, I'm sure.

Then when everything seemed to back to "snafu"; our computer caught a particularly nasty virus and totally crashed, causing us both to lose every file we had compiled for the last 8 years or so to be lost into the Great Beyond. When we finally replaced the computer, it seems that my laziness caught up to me yet again: I had forgotten my password!! ( In the past, I had set it up so all I had to do was press one button to log on --- You try to remember one password out of twenty that YOU were using five years ago and you'll see my dilemma!)

I finally managed to get a hold of Pixy Misa and got him to issue me a new log on/password; my most heartfelt THANKS to him.

I intend to begin Blogging on a daily basis again, even if they are but short entries. I hope I can get some of my old readers to return, and gain some new ones on the way.

So, on with the great adventure!

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