May 19, 2012

A Libertarian speaks out


I would take this one step further; I believe that Constitutional Carry should be enacted in all 50 States. Under the 2nd Amendment, we have the RIGHT to carry anywhere we should wish to; having a obligation to obtain a CCW is a violation of the "Shall not be infringed" clause of the 2nd Amendment; if you have to obtain permission to arm oneself; it is no longer a "right", but an "allowance" from the Government, and what the Government "allows"; the Government can rescind at their pleasure.

No other freedom outlined in the Bill of Rights requires permission from the Government to be exercised by the Citizenry, why the distinction with the 2ND Amendment?

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Quote of the day

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily lives, and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom”
John F. Kennedy

I find it highly amusing that the darling standard bearer of the Liberal Left, should he be alive today; would find every action taken by the Progressive movement of the present to be totally repugnant to the ideals he stood for.

It's the conservative movement that carries that banner of freedom and personal freedom/responsibility that he (JFK) so ardently projected as the ideal.

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May 05, 2012

Ted Nugent's slant on self protection

"I don't like repeat offenders;I prefer DEAD offenders."

To which I can only respond: AMEN !!
The ability to be allowed to defend ones-self and one's family from attack is should should the highest right ensconced in any civilized society.

To those who say we should depend on the Police to defend our persons and our property, I would say (having been a police officer for over a decade) that protection is not really the police officers main purview; capture of offenders and collection of data after the fact is their main focus. It is, in fact, IMPOSSIBLE for the Police to prevent, or stop a crime as it's occurring, sans the pairing of every person and place with an officer dedicated to same 24/7/365 a year,and I'm sure that most sane people that would honestly think about it realize that...ergo I would postulate that those that would prevent us from protecting ourselves by whatever means at our disposal are,really andtruly, insane.

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