February 11, 2008

Cold War 2 beginning?

Two Russian bombers played cat to the aircraft carrier Nimitz's mouse over the weekend.

As noted in the story, such events were all too common during the (not so)Cold War, but haven't occurred since 2004. Nothing to panic over as yet, but the increasing Soviet activity in the Western Pacific is a little troubleing.

With Putin stepping down in March to his "elected" (and hand picked by Putin)successor, Dmitry Medvedev, (and presumably taking over the post of Prime Minister) it seems that the Russian government is trying to rattle the saber a bit to divert attention away from Russian internal politics.

I don't believe that Russia is THE major threat to U.S. security at the present moment, but eternal vigilence is required to ensure that the threat level stays at the current low level. As the greatest leader we've had in the last century, Ronald Reagan, said: "TRUST, BUT VERIFY"

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