February 19, 2008


In a (to them, I'm sure) heartbreaking announcement, the NY Slimes have reported that Castro has made it official and is stepping down from the position of leadership he has held for 49 years.

"To my dear compatriots, who gave me the immense honor in recent days of electing me a member of parliament ... I communicate to you that I will not aspire to or accept -- I repeat not aspire to or accept -- the positions of President of Council of State and Commander in Chief," Castro said in the statement published on the Web site of the Communist Party's Granma newspaper.

I don't think too much will change too quickly in Cuba with the change of leadership from Fidel to his brother, Raul; they are, after all just the same in their views. The one bright hope is that Raul may not be as personally revered as his brother, and when the promises of a brighter new future under the Comunists continue to go unfullfilled, tghe populace may finally begin to wake up and push for REAL reform.

To say the least, the next year or two may prove to be really interesting....

I do find it sad however, that, at a time when the Cuban people might have a real chance to get rid of their Socialist overlords;.....WE in the U.S., however, seem hell bent on suborning ourselves under the grip of the same type of overlords. May G-D have mercy on us all.

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