July 08, 2008

The Slithy tives do gyre anf gymbol in the pale moonlight

flexeral and Diovan don't mix too well trogether, they constantly bicker about which of them incapacitates an operator. Upshot of it is, the "good day" I was experiencing earlier has totally TANKED' Trying to get the last of our goods out of the old Ex-wifes' extra room was truly, as the Chinese would say, an "interesting" and "stressfull situation".

So now I'm trying to make a post predicated on the fact that I will make a glorious and incredibably salient point that will make all the combatants stop and go "mmmm", and beging to see the error of their ways and all go get a Coke together as they sing Kum-BA-YA in the glades that will now be filling with Golden-horn Unicorns and massive numbers of Monarch butturflies; flyng amongst the everpresent rainbows glowing in the atmosphere.

Hell with it, pass the Rot-gut gin and extra dry vermouth and pimento olives and we'll sling some martinies together to make the night more palatable to continue to operate in.

The purpose of a good rant is to relieve some stress ,while, just possibly, educating and/or entertaining others as the same time you are exorcizing whatever demons happen to be plaguing worst at that pointg of time.

One PROBLEM...I have forgotten WHO the Combatants are/were, What is the exact issue in Contention between the Combatants are, and my keyboard is running over in pink marshmallow and toasted coconut shreds.

At least it's a tasty ending, even if I'll pay for it with ultra-high glucose readings in the morning...So pass those Martini's over here and lets subside into the depths of a hazy alcohol haze.

Excuse me for now,I believe I will begin my first hand study on my forthcoming micrograpth to be titled : "The study of Flexeril, ethenaol , and ambien combinations upon the human art perception systems in the middle-aged Caucasion Male with type 2 Diabetes and multiple Heart repairs in the past."
OR "SFEAC/MCwTP2D&MHD", for short, coming to a Borders near you...Unless the Neocons block the work as publishment for telling the truth .

Excuse me, that nice young man in the clean white coat has asked to engage me in some reparte; no don't to comprehend the genious that they think they

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