September 19, 2008


Nicholas Provenzo writes at World of Reason:
"A parent has a moral obligation to provide for his or her children until these children are equipped to provide for themselves. Because a person afflicted with Down syndrome is only capable of being marginally productive (if at all) and requires constant care and supervision, unless a parent enjoys the wealth to provide for the lifetime of assistance that their child will require, they are essentially stranding the cost of their child's life upon others."

I have known quite a few parents of "special needs" children, NONE of them wealthy by any objective standard, and I have yet to see any of them taking any undue assistance to help care for those children.

I am glad to see this type of blather out in the open however, as it does raise some good points of following Mr. Provenzo's standards, taken to their logical conclusions; we should do away with all social aid, because, after all; those with mental disabilities, or on welfare,Medicaid for poor children,Social Security, SS Disability ( YIKES, THAT includes ME!!), or on any number of other programs are "undue burdens on the social body" and ergo should be (at least in the case of the unborn) aborted. I suppose I should look for the nearest euthanasia center and turn myself in? And of course, since in Mr. Provenzo's view, I made a "profoundly selfish choice" by having children, and since I'll no longer be around to care for them (having done the socially responsible thing and terminating myself); they'll need to be given the old heave-ho too, all in the interest of the avoiding any needless cost to society, of course.

"After all, the choice to have a child is a profoundly selfish choice; that is, a choice that is an expression of the parent's personal desire to create new life."

Too bad Mr. Provenzo's mother was so damned selfish, or we wouldn't have to try to comprehend such idiocy as he spouts.

I consider myself a small "l" Libertarian with Fiscal Conservative leanings; I do NOT believe in unlimited welfare just because a certain segment of the population at large is too damned lazy to get off their collectivist asses and provide for themselves, but I do believe that there is a certain social responsibility for the less fortunate, I just believe that it should be the provenance of mostly private charities and religious groups, with very little done by Government. For purposes of full disclosure, I myself depend on the largess of the Public Teat in the form of SSD...and I admit it is somewhat hypocritical of me to accept such aid and rail against the unfairness of it at the same time, and I accept that accusation of that hypocrisy as being all too true.
At the same time, the state of my physical condition precludes me from doing anything else. Should the Government aid end tomorrow; it would be a disaster for me personally, yet I would still hail it as a step forward for the Country at large.

Mr. Provenzo cares not one whit for the public good, he is only concerned with sustaining the selfishness of the pro-abortion crowd. Make no mistake, it is NOT 'pro-choice' - it's 'pro-abortion', as is more than proven by Mr. Provenzo's linking of the termination of Downs Syndrome babies to abortion of any fetus in general, at the whim of the mother.

It's interesting that the pro-abortion crowd is constantly claiming that social conservatives are always trying to 'force their morality' on them, yet it seems that they are in fact the ones trying to force their 'morality' on the body politic.

Posted by Delftsman3 at September 19, 2008 10:21 PM | TrackBack

Well said Bert. I too know some Down's syndrome folks, none of them are on the dole, they are productive, they are pleasant to deal with and work in the local grocery stores, stocking and bagging, some work with the local gardeners, mowing, trimming and cleaning up yards if they have special needs it's only because society has placed those needs upon them. They are much more productive than those fourth and fifth generations of folks on welfare or other forms of public assistance. So where is the chronic 'disability' some of which runs in my own family tree? I spent 19 years in the oil patch climbing ladders and working off high level decks, during that time I worked with able bodied men, three of whom had below the knee amputations, none let their limitations stop them, one man took me three years before I found out he'd lost a leg in a PA RR system accident before hitting the road for work.After a particularly grueling day of climbing lifting and working with a sledge he was limping, the first time I'd noticed his limp, hell we were both limping, that's when he pulled up the pants leg to reveal a prosthesis. I also worked with a nutritional scientist after leaving the oil patch, who like all of us working there had to shower and change clothes before leaving work, he had no muscle on his left leg and ass, it was blown away by an anti-personel mine in Vietnam, he never complained once or held any bitterness. Like you said Bert "Mr. Provenzo cares not one whit for the public good, he is only concerned with sustaining the selfishness of the pro-abortion crowd." There are exceptions but most disabilities are of the I can't variety, some of us, like you have had health problems for many years and have become unemployable by that compassionate society we live in. God bless you and stay healthy.

Posted by: Jack at September 21, 2008 08:11 PM

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