February 08, 2010


The only person that I have ever heard referred to by other Marines as an EX-Marine has died. John Murtha died today from complications of gall bladder surgery.


I do not feel sorrow at his passing, although I can feel sympathy with his family for their loss. I believe that Mr. Murtha's public actions over the last few years merit his gaining that ultimate stigma of dis-approval. Those actions helped get good men and women killed, and he deserves to be held responsible for those actions.

It is not up to me to determine his eternal fate, that is up to someone far better able to fairly judge than I. I have the feeling though, that fate does not include being welcomed into the fraternity guarding the streets of Heaven.

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Here is everything that needs be said about Murtha.


Posted by: RightWingRocker at February 8, 2010 08:19 PM

I feel bad for the loss his family may feel but it's good to get this clown out of the congress.

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