March 30, 2005

TELL ME these men AREN'T heroes!

the battlefield is a place of stark terror and striving to survive just another hour....and many of our finest and bravest young men have paid terrible prices for doing what they perceive as their duty for their country. They are the "Rough Men" that ensure that we can sleep safe at night, I honor them all.

Many of the Kum-Ba-Ya crowd point to these heroes that have suffered grieviously as a reason to pull out of the battle, saying that they have paid too high a price, but what do many of those injured say?

Although they bear lifelong loss and pain, many of them are actively working to try to regain their active duty positions with their units. They feel that the job isn't finished yet, and they still want to do their part. NOT just in desk jobs in a safe base here at home, but back on the battlefield with the same units that they were injured fighting alongside with.

Should they wish to, they could retire with a disablity pension with no man to find fault with it, they have done their bit for God and Country, but rather than just fade into the humdrum of the rest of their lives, they want to rejoin their brothers-in-arms and continue the fight for what they believe in.

I can only stand in awe of their dedication and their bravery, and strengthen my own resolve to support them in any manner I can. That includes showing up the Kum-Ba-Ya crowd for what it is, in large part; a group of cowards without the will and courage to fight for their home and their way of life.

Yes, I know that some may honestly believe that war in any circumstance is wrong, and would rather bear the penalties imposed by society for their belief, and those people I can honor for the courage of their convictions, but by far the greater number are merely spoiled children that take it for granted that our way of life is as it is because "thats the right way", and are unwilling to take any personal risks in the defense of that way of life. They would reather be safe subjects rather than free citizens. And that attitude permeates every area of their so called political thought. They are the first to ask "what can the government do FOR me", "how can the government protect ME from that which I fear?" It all revolves around the "me". And since they feel that they can do little for themselves, they want the government to do it all for everyone. (because if I can't do it, how can anyone else?)

They don't realize just how special we in America have it, and the reason we have our way of life is because brave men and women put their very lives on the line to maintain and defend that way of life.

They bemoan the cost of liberty in lives and blood, but without people willing to pay that terrible price, liberty would not long endure.

May the K-B-Y'ers never have to be put to the test, for they are too weak. Should the "rough Men" fail, the K-B-Y'ers will make excellant servants slaves to the conquerers.

Posted by Delftsman3 at March 30, 2005 12:47 AM

Thanks Bert, they are a testament to a selfless commitment to U.S. freedom, God Bless them.

Posted by: Jack at March 30, 2005 04:30 PM
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