September 27, 2005

Lax Blogging Redux

The Virus is back, and needless to say stopping me from blogging to much; I just don't have the energy..

Acidman put up a good joke, even though it's an old one.

Sir George has one of the best fiskings of an Idiotarian over at the Rott that I've ever had the privilege to read, it's Whittlesque in it's length, but every phrase is pure gold.

Alli over at Fox Rants has a Gary Varvel cartoon up for those of us in the Hoosier state to mull over. This young lady recently joined the blogroll (#7 in the Empire list) and I find her to be quite a refreshing addition to the blogosphere.

The Lord and Tyrant (known as "Steve" to his friends)of Spatula City delivers a righteous clubatting™ to an Idiotarian columnist.

Got to go and tend to my aching/spinning/congested head....and the cat has some deviltry in mind for me too, I fear:
Image hosted by
Apparently I haven't been seeing to her unvoiced needs in as promptly a manner as befits Her Majesty..... Last time I was remiss, I had to wash the sheets on my bed, as she pinedly left some reminders of my duty to her every whim.

Hope to resume REAL blogging soon. Take care and may whatever your conception of a higher deity is watch over you and bless you in all your actions.

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Thanks Delfts. :-)

Posted by: Alli at September 28, 2005 02:19 PM
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