October 05, 2005

Indonesia and Terrorism

In a prior post, I asked the question, just WHY did terrorists beset Indonesia.
The Left would have you believe that it's just another attack on the policies of the West.

Christopher Hitchens and Mark Steyn have another answer. One I feel is far closer to the truth.

In a nutshell, Islamofacism cares about nothing but trying to impose a new Caliphate on the entire world, with their brand of fundementalism as it's leaders.
In their view, anyone not of their belief is just fodder to be burned on the pyre of their beliefs; Hindu, Buddist, Christian, Jew, or Muslim, it matters not, if you don't toe the line of THEIR brand of Islam, your a fair target for slaughter.

You can't negotiate with these kind of people, you can't just ignore them, you have to root them out and utterly destroy them. There IS no other option.
To do otherwise is to commit a slow social suicide.

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