October 05, 2005

Muslim Wishes

From CENTCOM: A recent posting to the UK-based Islamic Renewal Organization website assigned the “al-Qa'ida Organization in America led by Abu-Azzam al-Amriki” the task of blowing up a US nuclear reactor in the near future. This fantasy threat will go unfulfilled as the terrorists realize that any type of mass destruction attack would harm everyone. It would not only mean the end of al-Qa’ida and similar gangster-type organizations which routinely kill innocent women and children, but will ultimately hurt the communities of the terrorists and their supporters. The right side of the law is not that which disrupts civilization and creates mayhem in the land or interferes with commerce, education, and the rights of men to raise their children safely. The terrorists have sent the message that their own families and neighbors are worth nothing and they are running out of places to hide. World history has proven that such brigands soon exceed their abilities and are justly punished.

Here is the posting in the original:

إعلان جديد لتنظيم التجديد الإسلامي على موقعهم الإلكتروني في المملكة المتحدة, بتعيين "منظمة ألقاعدة في أمريكا التي يقودها أ عزام الأمريكي" مهمة تفجير مفاعل نووي في الولايات المتحدة في المستقبل القريب. هذا التهديد الخيالي لن يتم تحقيقه عندما يتيقن الإرهابيون بأن أي نوع هجوم "تدمير شامل" سوف ينتج عنه أذىً للجميع. سوف لن يعني فقط النهاية لتنظيم ألقاعدة ومنظمات العصابات المشابهة ألتي بشكل روتيني تقتل الأبرياء من نساء وأطفال, بل في النهاية ستؤذي مجتمعات الإرهابيين ومؤيديهم. ليس الجانب الصحيح للقانون ذلك الذي يعطل الحضارة ويخلق ضرراً بتعمد في الأرض, أو بتعطيل التجارة والثقافة وحقوق الرجال في تربية أولادهم في بيئة آمنة, فالإرهابيون قد بعثوا رسالة بأن عائلاتهم وجيرانهم لا يستحقون شيئاً. لم يعد للإرهابيون مكاناً يختبؤون فيه. لقد برهن تاريخ العالم بأن قطاع الطرق كهؤلاء سوف يتجاوزون قدراتهم عن قريب وسيعاقبون بعدل.

Here's the translation of the posting:

"Designation of tasks and geographic division for the al-Qa'ida Organizations . . . Orders to destroy a nuclear reactor

I transmit to you what went on between me and brother Abu-Jandal, who is close to the al-Qa'ida leadership. The middleman said that the leadership agreed to the following geographic division:

-- al-Qa'ida Organization in the Middle East, Qa'idat al-Jihad led by Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi --- al-Qa'ida Organization in Europe, Abu-Hafs al-Masri Brigades Organization led by Abu Hamam- al-Qa'ida Organization in America,
led by Abu-Azzam al-Amriki [the American]

"The tasks are designated as agreed upon, add to that, the fact that al-Qa'ida is adamant on attacking a nuclear reactor in America during the coming days. The task will be designated by the leader Abu-Azzam al-Amriki. Note that the FBI has published several photos of a wanted man under a variety of names. They said that he wanted to blow up a nuclear reactor. The last name published with that picture was Ja'far al-Tayyar. This was two years ago. After that, it was unknown whether that photo was delusive, or whether he was arrested, or killed, since we no longer heard from him or saw pictures of him. According to the information made available, the mission was assigned to the leader Abu-Azzam al-Amriki, may God grant him success. This is the information that we received. We present it to you just as we received it. We bear, with God's help, all [the consequences] that result from this."

“Terrorism: Participant Says al-Qa'ida in US Set to Attack Nuclear Reactor, Outlines Geographic Divisions

On 3 October, "Ayaf" posted a message to the Islamic Renewal Organization's forum in which he stated that "orders to destroy a nuclear reactor in the US " have been assigned to the al-Qa'ida division in the US , which is led by Abu Azzam al-Amriki. The message also included the geographic area of responsibility for the al-Qa'ida leadership. "Ayaf" stated that he came about this information via a conversation with "brother Abu-Jandal," who he said is "close to al-Qa'ida leadership." "Ayaf" signs all his postings to the forum as "Al-Zarqawi's aide," and includes his email addresses: "cade7722@yahoo.co m and boda_8899@hotmail.com." The poster also included a photo of an individual in his signature. The individual sits before a background of Mecca . It is unclear whether this photo is of the author himself or someone else. Jihadist forum participants frequently include photos of "mujahidin martyrs" in their postings. http://www.tajdeed.co.uk/forums

The Islamic Renewal Organization is the website of the Saudi dissident group, formerly known as CDLR, based in the United Kingdom and headed by Muhammad al-Mas'ari.”

Posted by Ayman Al-Zawahiri on September 19, 2005:

Statement issued by Al-Qa’ida Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers

Original language: Arabic

CENTCOM: In a taped statement which aired on Al-Jazeera on September 19, al-Qa’ida deputy Ayman Al-Zawahiri claimed responsibility for the London train and bus bombings which killed 52 people and injured over 700. Al-Zawahiri justified the murder of innocent civilians as revenge for a variety recent successes against al-Qa’ida’s terrorist network, including England ’s deportation of extremist Jordanian cleric Sheik Abu Qatada. Zawahiri’s statement shows the nature of the al-Qa’ida network and the methods it is willing to employ to go to achieve its ends. Thanks to the Coalition, political processes are underway in the Middle East which give people a greater role in determining their future. During recent weeks, we’ve seen significant strides in Iraq and Afghanistan in terms of maturing political institutions. Democratic governments and reforms trouble the likes of Zawahiri. The way to change societies is through a political process, not through wanton violence.

Al-Zawahiri’s comments included the following:

“The blessed London attack is one of the attacks that al-Qa’ida is honored to conduct against the cross-loving nation who has been attacking Muslims for more than 100 years, and against the biggest crime of England for creating the state of Israel, and against all the crimes of England against Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The blessed men who attempted the attacks -- May God bless their souls and prevent them from any harm and keep them in His heaven -- have become the ones who uncovered the scandals and crimes committed by the British government. They gave all of us Muslims great honor and valuable lessons, especially to the Muslims in Pakistan and those who live in the west.

“This is just like when the England-based Sheikh who has been talking against England and their hated acts of violence against Muslims. He was uncovering the lifestyles of the west and their homosexuality. England only speaks of freedom and democracy if it does not interfere with its goal of hurting and killing Muslims. England wanted to hurt him and all Muslims badly for telling the truth about their crimes against Islam. He and nine others were deported from England after England signed an agreement to return Arab Nationals to their native countries, knowing that they may be subjected to beating and may be killed in their own countries.”

CENTCOM: We are fighting an enemy in Iraq and a network of terrorist organizations in the Global War On Terror that uses violence against civilians as well as information operations as methods to advance their goals. The recent attacks in Baghdad and associated web-postings are simply another effort to stave off political progress in Iraq . The Zarqawi networks’ worst enemy is a population that understands their vision and rejects their presence. CENTCOM will continue to stand with the Iraqi Security Forces as they rid their country of these terrorists.

On 14 September, "Murasil Akhbar 4" of the new Global News Network forum, posted a statement issued by Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi's al-Qa'ida Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers [Tanzim al-Qa'ida fi Bilad al-Rafidayn] in which the group announces a new wave of attacks in retaliation against the Iraqi-US military campaign in the city of Tall Affar . "Murasil Akhbar 4" attributed the original claim to "Abu-Maysarah al-Iraqi of the Media Section of the al-Qa'ida Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers."

Posted by Murasil Akhbar 4 on September 14, 2005:

Statement issued by Al-Qa’ida Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers [ Iraq ]

Original language: Arabic

A translation of the statement follows:

"In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful.

O God, aim our strikes and make our feet firm

Fight them, and God will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame, help you to victory over them, and heal the hearts of Believers. [Koranic verse]

Praised be God, the supporter of virtuous people and conqueror of the apostates and infidel Americans. God's peace and blessing upon the cheerful, dauntless fighter and his family and companions, the true fearless men in battle.

O nation of Islam: We write to you, O the best nation on earth, and bring you good tidings.

Since yesterday, the battles for revenge started all over the land of the two rivers. The raid for avenging the Sunni people in Tall far has started.

Celebrate and sing the praise of God, O nation of Islam. The battalions of monotheism have set out, pledging to die in support of the faith and its people. They were spearheaded by the best of the battalions, the Al-Bara Bin-Malik Battalion.

Approach us, O paradise. O brigade of martyrdom-seeker: Celebrate and sing the praise of God, for tomorrow you will meet the beloved ones, Muhammad and his companions. You have never accepted injustice, O lions of monotheism. This is your day. Go after the heads of the infidels, the Jews, the Crusaders, and the descendants of Ibn al-Alqami [derogatory term for Shia named after Ibn-al-Alqami, a Shia minister who was accused of betraying the last Abbasid caliph Al-Musta'ism during Hulugu's attack on Baghdad in 1258]. Do not show any mercy toward them.

May God accept from you, o protectors of the religion. May God support you with his victory and enable you to perform enduring good deeds. You have followed the footsteps of the prophet and his guidance. You have not shirked your responsibility. All the graces that you have are from God and his mercy. Praise be to God, first and last and in public and secret.

We will bring you more details once we receive reports about operations in Baghdad and other cities. We want your prayers, o nation of Islam. Your brothers are fighting with the help, power, and support of God. O God, grant us the victory you had promised; o God grant us the victory you had promised; o God grant us the victory you had promised. O God, you are our supporter; o God, we raid and fight with your help.

O God, mover of the clouds, revealer of the book, and conqueror of the Al-Ahzab [coalition of tribes the fought Prophet Muhammad in early Islam], defeat them and grant us victory over them. O God, grant us your help and support; O God, send your soldiers and grant us the victory you had promised.

God is great, God is great; pride is to God, the prophet, and the mujahidin.

[Signed] Abu-Maysrah al-Iraqi, the Media Section of the Al-Qa'ida Organization in the Land of Two Rivers,

[Dated] 10 Sha'ban 1426 Hegira; 14 September 2005."

You of the Moonbat persuasion,Still think that we can negotiate with/appease these people?

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