November 16, 2005

History, and those that refuse to learn from it

“I wonder how well you have been sleeping these last nights? Mothers and fathers all over our beloved land are spending sleepless nights worrying again over their boys being sent to fight wars on foreign soil—wars that are no concern of ours.” —Letter to the President from the parent of a U.S. soldier

Talk about discouraging. All year long the negative numbers about the war rolled in like the tide. The President’s approval rating in the Gallup poll bottomed out at 23 percent. Another poll showed that 43 percent of Americans thought it was a mistake to have entered the war.

Sounds like President Bush has truly hit rock bottom hasn't it?

One problem though, the letter and the poll numbers refer to President Harry Truman; The letter quoted above was typical of the mail Truman received, as his letters ran 20-1 against the war in Korea.

Subsequent history has shown that resisting Communism in Korea was the right thing to do...Imagine all of Asia working unfettered under the sphere of Communism. I believe that it is the reason we were right in fighting in Korea are the same that we were right to be in Viet Nam; even though we were "defeated" in that action due to the actions of a loud socialist minority and the micromanaging of military actions by an inept political leadership. By delaying the advance of Communism in Asia, we won the Cold War, and maintained our own national security. We payed an all too heavy price for that security. Freedom and security never comes cheap, but the cost was raised by the populace warring among themselves, instead of focusing on the enemy.

If we want to bring true peace to the Middle East, we need to stand firm in our resolve against the Radical Islamofacists. We need to hold the MSM to account to tell us ALL that is going on in Iraq, NOT just the body bag count of American and British soldiers.

We need to hold political leaders to account for their past stances. For John Kerry et all to state that they were "mislead on intelligence" is to demonstrate one of two things; either they:

A. Are lying, as all these same leaders made statements similar, or even more vehement than the President's in the days leading up to the authorization vote for war, based on the same RAW intelligence that the President had.


B. They are so inept in their abilities to discern the facts of a situation that they don't deserve to hold their office.

We are one month away from the first truely democratically elected government in an Arab country, in a country that has already agreed on a (natively constructed)Constitutional framework for that government to operate under. For this to happen less than three years after the overthrow of a dictator who had ruled with an iron fist for over thirty years is nothing short of miraculous, yet the MSM seems to be actively trying to obscure the real accomplishments and gains in Iraq, preferring to try to whip up antiwar sentiment by focusing on body counts and anything else that we might wish not be occuring. Half of our government is acting against the interests of our goals in Iraq;and against the morale and safety of our soldiers there, in a bald faced partisan attempt to bring emberassment against a President that they despise so much that they would risk the security of our country to bring that President down.

Posted by Delftsman3 at November 16, 2005 07:57 PM | TrackBack

bravo,bravo, clap clap. Well said, fellow Hoosier.

Posted by: hoosierboy at November 17, 2005 01:48 PM

Spot on, it's true.
Lets not lose sight of the fact that both Korea and Viet Nam were proxie wars against China and Russia, both were supplying, arms, supplies, training and "advisors" in both wars. Not just a few Senators are still in office which sided with our enemies in Viet Nam and are actively siding with them now.
The Democrats want to cut and run just before the Iraqi's are able to stand alone, forfeiting all our efforts and sacrifices, so they can attain their longstanding goal of world despotism.

Posted by: Jack at November 18, 2005 10:30 AM

Up until now, it was Democrats who always got US involved in all these foreign wars.
We need to be mindful whose patterns we are mimicking.
If you really think an Iraqi Constitution that enshrines Islam as it's "official state religion" is a good thing, and that the people agree to everything a bunch of lawyers claiming to represent them cobbled up in their stead, perhaps you should hop on the wagon for awhile, then take a look at the massive and burgeoning national debt our interventionalist altruism has created over the last 80 years.
Talk about history people refuse to learn from!

Posted by: Ted at November 19, 2005 12:18 AM

You make some good points Ted, I agree that Pres. Bush has been spending like a drunken sailor on his first foreign shore leave.

As far as the Iraqi Constitution goes, I think it's as good an effort as could have been made under the current circumstances; yes it's different than what WE would have concocted, but it's for THEIR cuture, not ours. It took over ten years for us to draft OUR first Constitution, and three years to get it accepted; so my admiration for the Iraqi effort still stands.

As far as the expenditures over the last 80 years; there's enough blame to go around both parties. Some were good, some were bad, sometimes it takes hindsight to know the difference. And if we had taken better stock of history, many would have ended differently, i'm sure.

Posted by: delftsman3 at November 20, 2005 06:21 PM
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