November 17, 2005


Yep...Saddam didn't have WMD's, or ties to Al Qaida, or terrorism of any sort....
Of course documents found in Iraqi Security Ministries seem to have a lot of documentation on procedures on how to hide WMD's from UN inspectors, going so far as to have an investigation on how those same inpectors found some documents on those procedures....and records of meetings with Al Qaida members, and money transfers to Afghanistan...

Nope all these documents are fakes made by Saddam and members of his regime to bolster Pres. Bush's reasons to waging war on Iraq. After all , according to the Left, Saddam was just a man trying the best he could to hold a fractious people together, deep down he really is a gentle person who wants nothing more than to hug his bunny rabbit, he was forced to commit brutal acts by a dissident majority in the country he was thrust into a position of leadership of.(/ sarcasm)

I hope the Administration releases translations of these documents soon...and that the Democrats continue in their attempt to rewrite history in the meantime...the louder they cry about obfuscation and lies, the more foolish they will be seen to be when the documentation is made public.

I truely believe that it just may become necessary to have a really deep heart to heart with some folks in Syria and see if they just won't release some goodies that they may have found just making their own docile way across the know how hard it is to keep WMD's from straying,after all the shifting around in the shell game keeping them hidden from the UN Inpections teams; they just have developed minds of their own and don't seem to respect borders at all.(/furthur arcasm)

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