December 01, 2005

DSL? Maybe.

Well, we have a new DSL connection....I have to say, so far, I not impressed with Earthlink. The speeds is faster than the dial-up, but not as fast as the SBC DSL was, and I've had to retype this twice, as a pop-up wiped out my first effort...hopefully it's just due to some bugs in the system that can be worked out....

It took Mamamontezz about twelve hours to get a completely stable connection that would take her to the net every time; she still needs to get my account to the same point.

I know it sounds like sour grapes bitching, and it probably is, but is it really too much to ask that when you pay a sum of money to a service that you get...well, SERVICE?!?

It remains to be seen how fast and stable the connection will be but I AM delighted that at least we now have the odds of a great connection on our side, so that I can actually start posting again.

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