December 01, 2005

Liberal Hyprocrasy

Here's a link to a new book by Peter Schweizer called "Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy". Something I am going to put on MY Christmas Wish List.

The book is a researched documentary of the hypocritic actions of 11 of the foremost Liberal icons and their private actions.

Just a few little teasers :

Claim: Noam Chomsky calls the U.S. military the most evil force on the face of the earth.

Fact: The Pentagon has provided him with a comfortable living for many years through Defense Department grants.

Claim: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi proclaims her support for unions and environmentalism.

Fact: The luxury resort, the vineyard and the restaurants she partly owns are strictly non-union and the exclusive country club she partly owns failed to comply with existing environmental regulations for the past eight years – including a failure to protect endangered species.

Claim: Barbra Streisand denounced global warming and the rape of the environment.

Fact: She drives an SUV, lives in a mansion and has a $22,000 annual water bill. In the past, she has driven to appointments in Beverly Hills in a motor home because of her aversion to using public bathrooms.

As Joseph Farrah says: "If they can't live within those rules, or choose not to, doesn't that strongly suggest their ideas are not worth the hot air that comes out of their mouths?"

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