December 09, 2005

Christian = Hypocrite?

One of my vigilent corrosponders sent me this link as "proof that the rank and file Democrats are in full approval of the antics of their leaders."

Seems the members of the Washington State Democrats were selling an offensive anti-Christian symbol on their official website. They have since pulled that particular product from the page, as apparently they had a large backlash against it. The irony here is that they didn't even consider that there would be a backlash against it. For a party that extolls the virtues of "diversity" and "tolerance", they sure do make a habit of displaying the exact opposite in regards to the Christian faith.

As i've stated before, I do not consider myself to be a Christian, altough I do have a Catholic background, with a heavy dose of Protestanism thrown in for good measure. I consider myself a Deist/Agnostic. But even though it didn't affect me, I could see the offensive nature of what they were trying to sell:

Image hosted by

I don't know about you, but when I look at that, all I see is a blanket statement of intolerance and disdain towards Christians...I don't consider myself ultrasensative towards insults directed at me, but even I, as a deist found this beyond the pale, I can imagine what a devout Christian would feel.

I fear for our Republic; we have lost sight of one of the basic founding principles of that Republic: that every individual is accorded respect in his beliefs in an atmosphere of tolerance, if not agreement in those beliefs.
We have never totally achieved that goal, nor do I believe we ever shall, but the important thing was that we strove for it as the ideal.

Many democrats today excoriate Christian Republicans as hypocrites, saying that they espouse high ideals in running for office and then tend to fall short of those ideals in office.
They forget the corollary of that position..if you don't have an ideal to strive to reach, you have no real base at all. Situational ethics is sometimes an evil necessity to achieve a greater good, but as a base position, it inevitably leads to tryanny.

In a related matter, Michael Medved has a great editorial on The Lion, The Witch, And the Wardrobe as it concerns the display of faith in a public setting. I think he reiterated my point above, albeit in a much better manner.

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