January 23, 2006


Professor Mike S. Adams has a great treatise up on why he doesn't take feminists serously. As always, he cuts right to the chase and takes no prisoners.

Here's just a taste:

The question “Why don’t you take feminists seriously” is an important one. It deserves a more complete response. So here are my primary reasons:
1. I do not consider 21st century feminism to be a political ideology or philosophy.
American feminists generally do not become feminists because of some well-defined political goal. For example, in your email you enumerate several important political objectives. You want to vote. You want to be free to hold elective office. You want rape to be illegal. You want to be able to work. You don’t want to be forced to get and stay pregnant at all times. You want genital mutilation (of females) to be illegal.
I have an important newsflash, Daisy: You have already achieved all six of these political objectives. But, nonetheless, you continue to rant. And you continue to live in the past. That makes it difficult to take you seriously.....

Go read the rest and see if you don't agree with Professor Adams. It's really good to see an academic with the courage to forgo Political Correctness and really tell it like he feels it is.

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