May 30, 2006

Times Publisher comes clean

It's finally happened, folks. A major member of the LSM has come right out and admitted the agenda that most of the media follows, but denies.

In a commencment speech delivered to the State University of New York, New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. urged "protection for his reporters and photographers "in war-torn Iraq" so they can bring back stories about a "misbegotten war" (and thus help undermine the Bush Administration's foreign policy)".

Read the speech and read between the lines, and you can have no doubt as to the agenda being espoused. Moonbats may say that he "didn't SAY to "impeach Bush", or "show the white flag in Iraq", but as a newspaper publisher, Mr. Sulzberger should be very aware that words have meaning and the subtext of the speech is clear (thats "nuance" for you in the Progressive community).

I can wholeheartedly agree with him when he says to: "Engage. Help make decisions. Vote......Knowing what’s happening in your world, your country, your neighborhood is the critical precursor to being a citizen of a democracy. Each one of you who forsakes your role in keeping our democracy alive by either inaction or, perhaps worse, by action based on ignorance, threatens all the rest of us."

My disconnect from his statement ensues when he urges those students to "read a newspaper" (presumably the NY Times) to be sure that they are informed about what is going on.

Knowing many people serving in the war zone, and comparing their version on events to what the major news outlets put out to the public, I am confident that if I relied solely on the Media, I would have a far different opinion (about the war) than I do. I believe that "the truth" probably lies somewhere in between the two versions. And what I believe to be "the truth" more than justifies our presence on the field of battle.

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