May 30, 2006

Holland, I Cry for Thee

I cry for the country of my birth. Seems that the Moonbats have totally taken over.

Pedaphiles have banded together to form their own political party...and they just may succeed in being on the next election's slate of choices.

The goal of the new party is to reduce the age of sexual consent from 16 to 12 (with the ultimate goal of erasing any limit whatsoever), allow the private possession of child porn, legalize beastiality, and allow porn to be telecast on broadcast tv.

HOW can the Dutch people allow even the consideration of such a platform?!?!? the fact is that most Dutch DO oppose this travesty. An opinion poll published Tuesday showed that 82 percent wanted the government to do something to stop the new party, while 67 percent said promoting pedophilia should be illegal.

What really bothers me is that, if that poll is to be believed, some 18% of the people are in line with the goals of this new party, and WORSE 33% of those polled are tolerant of Pedaphilia.

That is not the Dutch people I know. We have long had a well deserved reputation of tolerance for "different" lifestyles and choices and for having a "live and let live as long as you don't harm anyone" philosophy; but NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have thought that that tolerance would extend to these depths of depravity. By it's very nature, Pedophilia and child porn harms those least able to defend themselves, and as such, should be fought with the greatest vigor possible.

But this is the only possible end result of "total acceptance of every view as valid" as is espoused by the Progressives here. NO, I don't believe that Progressives are child molesters and kiddie porn afficianados...but if you follow their "moral neutral" policies to their logical conclusion, that is what you WILL end up with. Let what is happening in Holland serve as a warning, lest we slide down the same slope.

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Those vile scum should be fed alive, piece by piece , to a pond full of mature crocodiles.

Or boiled alive in molten lye.

There is really no fitting treatment for scum like that ,so one can only approximate a suitable punishment.

Posted by: LC EFA at May 31, 2006 02:17 AM
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