August 13, 2010

Marine Tribute

Just to get back in the swing of posting, here is a little tribute I found on YouTube; set to one of my favorite songs.

Semper Fi, all you Jarheads out there !

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Homefront Blather

I thought everything was great after the Comcast guy hooked me back into the Net...but it wasn't an hour into trying to get caught up on e-mail that my computer decided that it would take an extended now, over a week later and with a decidedly lighter wallet courtesy of a really nice tech guy, I can finally start posting again...but a new problem has arisen; I can't access my e-mail to get caught up on things, seems that the password I've been using for the past year is incorrect (!?), and the security question answer I gave is wrong (never mind that the answer I gave I KNOW to be correct ) suffice it to say the answer is one I remember better than my SSN; maybe there really IS something about Friday the 13th ?

Three weeks into our new domicile, and there is still a plethora of boxes to unpack and items to find places for...considering that the new house is over 1000 square feet smaller than the prior house; it may take a while (and a HUGE yard sale) to finally get everything in it's proper place...

Meanwhile we're trying to keep up with the mowing to ensure our new neighbors won't think some white trash has moved in next door...ever try to mow a 1 1/2 acre yard with a 21" push 90+ degree heat...with 85% humidity?

WHAT were we thinking when we said we wanted an extra large yard?!? LOL The search for a good deal on a lawn tractor is going full speed ahead!

Hopefully, daily posting will resume as of today, barring any unforeseen computer glitches or a lawn mowing heart attack. I know it's been too long since I last spoke to you all and I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me and please continue to come back and read this little corner of the 'Sphere.

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